Welcome to SunilBack.comWe have created this blog to help those people who want to get online knowledge from home, want to earn money from internet or want to learn new information on internet.

For such people, how do we make money online on our blog, earn money from blogging, share new information related to business, new news related to internet, gaming and many more.

We want that people should access information related to internet in Hindi language, that is, in our mother tongue for free. And along with helping people, also promote the language of your country.  

Our main objective is to help those who want to do something sitting at home. So on this blog we keep sharing most of the information related to internet and how to earn money online. 

About SunilBack.com

Sunilbach.com was launched on 5 October 2020  by Sunil Kumar Singh of Delhuan ,Rohtas (Bihar)  

Helping people succeed is also the main objective of this website. Therefore, we also share information about life success on this website. If you want to do income sitting at home online through internet, then this website is the best platform for you. 

Purpose of creating a blog 

  • Sharing new information related to blogging so that new users can also learn blogging.

  • Helping online bloggers and informing people about the Internet. 

  • Sharing of blogging guidelines in Hindi language for Hindi bloggers (who do not know English). 

  • Providing all information related to the Internet, which is helpful for us Indians.


about us  

My name is Sunil, I am the owner of this blog, I am  a resident of Rohtas  (Bihar). We have created this website to help our country and country people. 

October 5, 2020  was the day I stepped into the blogging world. My only dream is to do something that will help people and I can earn a little money (for running my own house). 

If you need any help now or if you want to ask us something, you  can mail us  directly at Contact-us .

Auther-Sunil Kumar SinghSunil, www.sunilback.com के संस्थापक और पेशेवर ब्लॉगर हैं. इन्हें लोगों को नयी-नयी जानकारी पहुँचाने में बहुत ख़ुशी मिलती है. वहीँ ये ऐसे content लिखने में पसंद करते हैं जिन्हें की लोग पसदं करें और वो उनके बहुत काम आये.